Fountain Pen by Genki Harada x Mamoru Kaizawa

Color: Natural

These fountain pens are styled after 'makiri', a knife which is symbolic of Ainu artisanry. The culture of 'giving and handing down' is deeply ingrained in makiri, and each fountain pen faithfully reflects this culture with an engraved design that is both functional and spiritual.

In Ainu tradition, a man presents his beloved woman a menoko makiri as a proposal gift. Likewise, these fountain pens are crafted with the philosophy of conveying treasured feelings between the giver and the recipient.

Artists: Genki Harada x Mamoru Kaizawa

Materials: Wood, Aluminum
Size: φ0.55"; Length 5.9"
Weight: 0.229 lb w/package


  • To protect the nib and prevent drying, securely fasten the cap when not writing.
  • Use a soft cloth to remove accumulation such as paper fibers from the nib. Occasionally rinse the nib with water.

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