KAKUTANI SEIKA // Kani Senbei Cracker KANAME

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Twice-baked KANAME crackers are made using snow crab, a famous specialty of Kinosaki hot springs in Hyogo Prefecture. More than half of the dough in the senbei crackers is made with snow crab meat, which requires 10 days to age at a fixed temperature and humidity level after the first bake. Then they are baked a second time, and the crackers are given their crunchy final form. Kaname senbei crackers do not use any unnecessary seasonings such as soy sauce, so that the full, original flavor of the crab can be enjoyed. The senbei crackers, which were made with select ingredients and a well thought out baking technique, offer firmness and an intense umami taste in every bite. It is recommended that before eating a senbei cracker, it should be broken in half to bring out even more of the snow crab aroma.

Ingredients: Snow Crab, Starch, Flour, Rice flour (made in Japan), Sugar, Kombu extract powder, Salt, Seasonings (Amino acids etc.)
Package Size: W15.16 / H9.65 / D1.97 inches
Weight: 0.87 lbs

Store at room temperature

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