KINOSAKI SWEETS // Rice Flour Financier Cake with Luxurious Rare Honey


Made from Tajima honey (one of the rarest honeys in Japan), this ‘financier cake’ has a moist, soft and chewy texture with a buttery aroma that makes it a quintessentially special, local snack.

Flavors: Plain / Green Tea / Chocolate
Ingredients: Butter (made in Hokkaido, Japan), Sugar, Egg white (Made in Hyogo, Japan), Almond Flour, Flour, Rice flour (Made in Hyogo, Japan), Honey (Made in Hyogo, Japan), Salt, Matcha powder, Cocoa powder, Chocolate
*This product contains eggs, flours and dairy ingredients
Package Size: W12.8 / H7 / D3.15 inches
Weight: 1.91 lbs

Avoid direct sunlight

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