IROHA // Yukata (Women)


The Yukata is very much a part of the culture of Kinosaki Onsen, a town dedicated to relaxation and comfort. Guests of the ryokan in Kinosaki are provided with a yukata to wear for the duration of their stay. Yukata were originally designed as bathrobes to be worn inside hot springs bath houses. Over the years, they have evolved from being worn as functional wearable towels, to becoming beautiful, casual garments that can be worn in a variety of settings, such as when visiting a hot spring town or a festival.

Inventory is shipped from the manufacturer in Japan to WAZA in NYC after your order is placed. Please allow for an additional 10 days for the product to arrive.

Yukata: 100% Cotton
Obi (Belt): 100% Polyester
Geta (Clogs): Paulownia Wood and Cotton
Yukata: One Size (Height: up to 5'11")
Geta (Clogs): One Size (up to 7.5 US women size / JP 24.5cm)
Weight: 3.53 lbs

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