Awaji Island, HYOGO

Kunjudo, established in 1893 on Awaji Island, has carefully chosen incense masters and artisans who create stable, high quality products, not least of which is traditional "incense." They use techniques and capabilities cultivated over many years, while also constantly exploring new uses of "incense" for our daily, modern lives.

Over 120 years, Kunjudo has been engaged in innovation that fulfills the needs of users. Developed the world's first "low-smoke type" incense sticks. Locked aroma in microcapsules to develop an "ignition-activated" incense. The first incense stick with fragrance prepared by a French perfumer was launched. Launched the industry's first joint initiative by industry and academia to develop incense with added functionality to its fragrance. To name a few.

And finally, introducing HA KO - A completely brand-new type of paper incense that can be used as potpourri, or simply burned to enjoy the fragrances.