As one of the only places where you can experience Japanese culture, history, and nature all at once, Kinosaki Onsen is one of the most charming and quaint hot spring towns in Japan. According to legend, the town’s history as a destination for relaxing hot springs dates back over 1300 years. The cozy atmosphere and 7 natural hot springs draw people from all over the world looking for the perfect place to relax and unwind in a beautiful, natural setting.

Kinosaki was rated by Lonely Planet as Japan’s best onsen town. The town’s unique approach, in which it treats all of Kinosaki as one ryokan, has helped preserve its rich atmosphere. In addition to the hot springs, Kinosaki Onsen is also a well noted destination for its flavorful, local cuisine.

Photo Credit: ©Masako Nakagawa

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Art Fear Co., Ltd. is a bag production center with a thousand-year tradition. Toyooka city originated as a place where willow work was done, starting from the Nara period (710-794), and into the Taisho period (1912-1926). Based on the traditional techniques and distribution channels of that era, the city has since become a production center for bags by utilizing challenging new materials, and introducing local, traditional sewing machine techniques.

Takumi Kogei

Toyooka kiryu workmanship’ is a fine crafts workshop that was founded over 1,200 years ago. It is the workshop of Takumi Terauchi, who works alone as a traditional craftsman in the Toyooka kiryu workmanship. The ‘Kouri-kaban,’ exhibited at the Paris Expo in 1900, has attracted worldwide attention for its functionality and beauty, and is now regarded as the original Toyooka bag.

Toyooka is famous for its bag production, and is considered the best place in Japan to find one. Please come and see where it all started, and witness the excellent craftsmanship that won the Grand Prix at the 2011 Traditional Crafts Industry Awards.


Iroha stocks a wide selection of high quality yukata for men, women, and children; from bright and colorful floral patterns, to more subtle and modern, geometric patterns. You can find modern and retro yukata as well, depending on your taste.

Kamiya Mingeiten

We are the only workshop in the world that produces "straw craft", a traditional handicraft skill that has been handed down from generation-to-generation for about 300 years, since the Edo period. It is a traditional craft that is unique to Kinosaki Onsen.

We manufacture and sell straw craft brooches, necklaces, chopstick rests, business card cases, paulownia boxes, and other items with the iconic silky sheen and shine of straw craft. We also have a space in the store where you can try your hand at straw crafting, so please experience its charm, using your own personal touch to craft your own work. We also craft custom-made products, according to your budget.

Kakutani Seika

Kakutani Seika manufactures and sells its famed, signature product, "Aged Nidoyaki Crab Sembe Kaname." In addition, other old-fashioned products such as kine-tsuki rice cakes and sasamaki okowa are sold at the direct sales store "Kakutani Tobei" in Kinosaki Onsen (as well as in other locations).

Our company’s motto "Handmade is the seasoning that produces the best products" has survived since ancient times. We have always striven to create delicious food, every single day, in pursuit of our customers' needs, and to bring a smile to their faces.


Kinosaki Sweets is a specialty sweets and confectionary store born in Kinosaki Onsen. With their quality ice cream, gelato, cakes, and more, they hope to bring a smile and pleasant memories to all of Kinosaki Onsen’s visitors.


Minatoya first opened their business as a ryokan in the Edo period, later on becoming an emporium and manufacturer of confectioneries and souvenirs after the Meiji period. They have become a local staple, and have provided confectionaries to the the Meiji-era Emperor as well as to the current Emperor Akihiro. Since its foundation and over the years they have continued to adhere to their traditional motto, "Only the best for our customers.” In the years to come they promise to continue their love for serving their loyal customers and hope to continue earning their love in return.