NOUSAKU has been crafting unique, handmade objects in Takaoka, Japan since 1916. With a traditional casting technique handed down over 400 years, they began with Buddhist alter fittings, tea utensils, and flower vases. They were the first company in the world to use 100% pure tin. Thought to be too soft to be used in manufacturing, Nousaku’s craftsmen were able to combine tradition and spirit and innovate truly unique products such as Takaoka copperware (Takaoka Doki), bendable tableware, and distinctive interior accessories. Pure tin’s antibacterial qualities and its power to absorb impurities, make Nousaku’s brass and copper products non-corrosive. The Nousaku brass wind chime achieves its tone and beauty through the purity of its base material. As each piece is handmade, each is unique in its feel and subtlety.

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