GINA baby : Mini Tote S

$550 $583

Featuring a tortoise shell-like accent on the surface, the Gina Baby is a mini shoulder tote bag that can hold a long wallet, phone and other essentials.

It is the mini-sized entry in the GINA series, which since its debut has become one of the most popular series because of the bags’ lightness, ease of use, and their potential for all occasions.

With a removable chain strap, you can easily alternate between a compact handbag and a shoulder bag.

The unique cellulose, the original material used for the surface accents, is made from Italian Mazzucheli cotton. This material is hand-polished and molded in Sabae City by Japanese luxury brand eyeglass craftsmen to give it a wet sheen and transparency.

Four rivets on the bottom allow it to stand on its own without losing its shape even when placed on the floor with a laptop. The lining is made of deep purple suede and the body is made of the highest quality faux leather, combining Japanese technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Material: FUMIKODA (Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon) *Original high tech material
Size: W7.9" x D4.5" x H6.3" (10.4"); CHAIN: 40.2"
Weight: 0.5lbs; CHAIN: 0.1lbs

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