HA KO Special Black Box Relax Box set of six


[Relax] Deeper Relaxation
The ingredient vetiver scent helps relieve tension while the cypress relaxes your heart rate. A scent that reminds you of a quiet forest.

Fragrance ingredients: Vetiver, White cedar, Japanese cypress, Bergamot and others.
A round-type of box made of black paper. This stylish set is packaged to be completely black inside and out, and matches a wide range of scenes.

Material: Paper
Size: Φ2.9 x H 1 inch
Weight: 1.16oz

After lighting a HA KO, extinguish the flame and place it on the enclosed non-flammable felt.
The incense lasts approximately three months (depending on temperature and humidity) when it is used as potpourri.
One sheet will burn for about 5 to 7 minutes.

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