Kago Honeycomb

$98 $132

Made of 100% pure tin in the shape of a honeycomb. “KAGO” series is a unique item taking advantage of its soft and bendable property of tin. Once this flat grid is in your hands, it will be formed into the objects of your choice such as fruit bowl, wine-bottle holder and more. Great option for a gift because of its versatility!

Material: 100% pure Tin
Size: H3mm W217mm D163mm
Weight: 430g / 0.95lb
Care Instructions: Hand wash with a mild detergent using a soft sponge. Polish with a common metal polisher, toothpaste, or pasty baking soda to restore the shine. Any abrasive materials, wire wool or brushes should not be used as surfaces may be scratched. Do not put an item over a fire nor use it in microwave as the melting point is low. Refrain from storing in the refrigerator more than 30 minutes or in the freezer to avoid deterioration of the material. Not suitable for use in dish washing or drying machines. Excessive bending and changing shapes may lead to cracks and breakage of the item.

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