JULIA Takaoka-Douki : Earrings

$250 $308

Although it has a simple form, it is a stick type that sways, so it shines beautifully, asserts its presence firmly, and creates a sophisticated impression suitable for adult women.

Coordinating power that is not influenced by fashion and does not choose the scene is also attractive, giving an elegant and elegant impression from everyday use to parties, creating a gorgeous look, and bringing out various expressions.

The mysterious turquoise metal used in "Takaoka-Douki" is made of Takaoka copperware in Toyama prefecture, and is a precious color created by Japanese traditional craftsman Koji Orii.

Since the colors and patterns cannot be the same, each product is the only work in the world.

Material: Takaoka copperware, Gold brass
Size: W2.2"

Precautions for use:

While the fabrics FUMIKODA uses are very durable, please observe the following to extend the enjoyment of your product in like-new condition:

  • Store your product out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place that is well ventilated.
  • Wiping your product periodically with a dry cloth is, generally, the only upkeep required.  For heavy stains, wipe affected areas with a soft towel that has been soaked in a diluted solution of mild detergent and water.  Rinse the towel in water, wring well and remove and any residual detergent from your product.
  • As suede-effect materials may fade due to friction or heat, keep them away from light-colored items.

Precautions when using accessory products:

Our accessories are hand crafted by artisans and are very delicate. As such, improper use may lead to damage, warping or other issues.  We ask that you please be cognizant of the following:

  • Repeatedly opening and closing bangles and overstretching products can cause metal to weaken.
  • Decorative elements on accessories that are exposed to dampness may detach from their metal fittings.

akaoka-Doki series products

The vivid turquoise blue detailing used in some of our products, such as bags and bar accessories, is an item called Orii-blue that was created by traditional artisan Koji Orii from Takaoka-Doki, a copper that boasts a history of over 400 years.  As each item is colored via a manual process, hues and patterning will vary.  Depending on use, these items may change in color or shape over time. 

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