Yumiya (Choju-jinbutsu-giga)


It represents the scent of oriental herbs such as chamomile and lavender with amber added to the fragrance.

This series consists of picture scrolls made of paper and ink, and pictures of sumo, archery, and from Choju-giga (caricatures of birds and animals).

The “Birds, beasts, and caricatures: archery” is a cute and humorous depiction of a rabbit and a frog playing with a bow and arrow.

Materials: Makhilas thunbergia, Shina powder, Fragrance
Size: 3.15 x 2.44 x 0.90
Weight: 0.089 lbs

Burn time: approximately 15-17 minutes

How to use the incense and handling precautions:
  • Light only the tip of the incense and let the smoke waft out
  • When using incense, PLEASE use a nonflammable container (incense burner, incense dish, etc.) to catch the ashes, depending on the location and purpose of use. BEWARE the incense stick being unstable and dropping! Flammable!
  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures, and high humidity, and keep out of the reach of children and pets. Store in as cool and dry a place as you have access to
  • Do not leave the area while using the product; as always, BE CAUTIOUS WITH FIRE!
  • (Even after the smoke clears, there may be sparks remaining in the product. Please be careful and patient before disposing of the ashes.)
  • Do not use in flammable, unstable, or windy places when placing the incense and burning it
  • This product is not food. Please be careful not to accidentally ingest it
  • If the fragrance does not suit you, please stop using it
  • Do not use for any purpose other than that of incense.

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