MILLA 30 Takaoka-Douki : Bangle

$250 $308

A golden brass bracelet hand-polished by artisans and decorated with traditional craftwork and cruelty-free leather created using Japanese technology. While a simple design, it will add an elegance suited to various styles ranging from business to luxury.

The turquoise blue of the accessory parts from our Takaoka-Doki series is a priceless color created by Mr. Koji Orii, a traditional craftsman from Takaoka.

400 years ago, Maeda Toshinaga, lord of the Kaga Domain, invited seven metal founders to the city of Takaoka (Toyama prefecture, central Japan). This led to the creation of cast copper items including implements used in Buddhist rituals. This style came to be known as Takaoka-Doki copper ware, and it spread across the country.

Material: Takaoka copperware, Gold brass
Size: W1.1"

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