TWO TRAY Shikaku Small

$17 $23
Color: Green/Green

A tray made with two colors of paper produced by careful dyeing techniques, and bonded together by advanced Japanese box processing technology. A texture that’s soft to the touch, and colors designed to match any space, make this tray a truly special product. In Japan, our advanced box processing technology is defined by its careful attention to detail. More than the average product of this type, TWO TRAY is made by a process which cannot be done without the delicate skills and knowledge of craftsmen and architects with these special skills.

This product also has a special water-repellent finish, similar to that used on Japanese kimonos. It is easy to use in places where water tends to splash, such as washrooms, and is resistant to stains.

Material: Paper
Size: Shikaku S / W13.5 × L13.5 × H1.6 cm
Weight: 26 g

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