Awaji Island & Tokyo

With its debut from 2021, Bridge and Blend operated by Project Felicia brings the 1000-year-old incense blends of “Six Kinds of Incense” to the modern era as “Six in Sense”, that is made available to experience the world of The Tale of Genji.

Translated as ‘Six Roots’ in Japanese, deriving from a Buddhist term that refers to the five senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, plus a sixth: consciousness. And to maintain these six "powers" which most of us are lucky enough to naturally possess - this process of purifying both the mind and body ​is called ‘the Six Roots Cleansing.’ All of its ingredients have arrived to us from all over the world, and were then mixed and blended in Japan 1000 years ago. Among these rare ingredients, agarwood, the most precious ingredient in the world of incense, is used abundantly. “Six in Sense” proposes a new home fragrance with 100% natural ingredients, easy-to-use, handmade, and sustainable conscious re-usable, re-fillable, re-cyclable packaging. Handmade in Awaji Island, and hand-packed in Tokyo.