TALA : Clutch Bag

$650 $814
Color: Black

Featuring a tortoise shell-like accent on the surface, the TALA is a compact clutch bag with a removable chain strap for hands-free portability. The unique cellulose, the original material used for the surface accents, is made from Italian Mazzucheli cotton. This material is hand-polished and molded in Sabae City by Japanese luxury brand eyeglass craftsmen to give it a wet sheen and transparency.

The outer cover can be removed and used for "ARIANA" or replaced with another color.

Inside, there is a zippered compartment and six card slots, as well as another pocket on the outside. The lining is made of deep purple suede and the body is made of non-animal leather, combining Japanese technology and traditional craftsmanship

Material: FUMIKODA (Polyurethane, Polyester, Nylon) *Original high tech material
Size: W10.5" x D2.0" x H5.5"; Strap chain: L38.5cm
Weight: BODY: 0.5lbs; FLAP: 0.3lbs; CHAIN STRAP: 0.2lbs

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